Real Estate CRM Software: Customized CRM Software Solution Provider

Property Management
It provides an overview of the property Management from every aspect of project.

Project Management
Projects may vary from basic to Complicated but can be achieved with the help of four `P` people, product, process & project.

Marketing and Campaign management
Marketing & Campaign are automated by the management tool.

Report Generation and Distribution
It provides the flexibility for generation of report process that is automated.

Contact Management
It helps you to manage the contact online through software let easily handle the contact, task & deal in one place.

Lead Management
Due to Automation it reduces the response time to new lead generated through lead management.

Opportunity Management
This Real Estate CRM help you build an effective way to sell the property more efficiently. This CRM features Lead tracking, account management, inventory control, CRM & many More. Help you to grow your business.

Document Management
Manage your document from anywhere online.