Real Estate Basic

Real Estate Basic is a product plan explicitly for Real Estate industry SMEs. This is a web and versatile based start to finish ERP arrangement made to address the issues of Real Estate SME's. While Real Estate Basic is created for SME's, it is a far reaching arrangement that covers total business administration.

It covers all capacities going from presales to announcing and investigation. Organizations remain to profit an incredible arrangement from the presales and deals modules that will upgrade measures and convey better productivity This Real Estate ERP programming is purposed to smooth out Real Estate Project measures.

It handles obstacles in venture arranging, planning, and execution. Better expense the executives and execution capacities from our answer will guarantee better proficiency. Land Basic encourages better efficiency and benefit with an exhaustive and innovatively forward ERP arrangement

Business Function cover our Real Estate Basic module

Each module provide an overview of business function some of them are Below is an account of a few significant functions covered under each module

ERP Admin

Management and Master of all regulatory elements of the association.

Pre Sales

All exercises developing to and planning for the pitch and offer of the item.


All capacities that straightforwardly or in a roundabout way uphold deals.

Account Received

It provide details of sale order track all the information whether the payment is due or received. Also generate the invoice to the customer.


It is optimized in such a way that notification is generated on each task assignment & also productivity of task creation, organization& assignment is also optimized.

Mobile App

It will help you to monitor performance & analytics of your business in efficient manner such that you can access from anywhere.


Management of day to day financial activity Management of Chart of Accounts (COA), General Ledger (GL), Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR).Generation of reports such as Ledgers, Bank Reconciliation, Trial Balance, P&L statement and Balance Sheet.

To-do Task Management

It best optimized way to complete the task in productive manner such that you will not forget any task due to notification.