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Embark on a revolutionary experience with DG Society, a pioneering application that transcends traditional community living. Elevate your lifestyle with a suite of digital solutions designed to enhance security, streamline communication, and simplify everyday tasks.

DG Society - The Apartment SuperApp

For Every Owner & Tenant. Manage all your properties from a Single Society Management App.

Private social Network
Contact your neighbors,
Discussions,polls,albums and more

Manage Multiple Properties
An apartment management app
Overview of multiple owned units

Manage Visitors
Authorize visitors through this visitor management application.
Pre-authenticate guests

Domestic Help
Find home help,view/offer Comments,View Attendance.

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Bill Payments
Easy payment options for
Conservation Pretenses,Utility Bills

Investigate the leading trusted by

Emergency Help
Get Prompt offer assistance from security,
Neighbors when required

Facility ,Activities
Book common Offices. Stay updated almost Exercises,Occasions.

Our Services

What Our Agency Provides

  • Security Management

    Guarantee that each individual, bundle or vehicle entering the community is approved by a inhabitant. Compelling security measures can be helpful, as well!

    Apartment security for the modern community
    DG Society guarantees that as it were guests, conveyance administrators and day by day staff endorsed by inhabitants pick up get to the premises, improving security and opening a have of other benefits for the entire community.
    Benefits of Security Management

    Convenient verification of all visitors End-to-end management of all daily staff Smart workflows to manage deliveries
  • Community Management

    Oversee accounts and installments, resolve complaints and keep the community up-to-date with all that’s going on within the society. Simple for the administration committee and inhabitants.

    Make your community smart, effective, paperless
    Our ERP module makes a difference communities run consistently. It robotizes a number of manual forms to rearrange the work of administration committee individuals and empower them to construct distant better a much better;a higher;a stronger;an improved" a higher community involvement for their inhabitants.
    Benefits of Community Management

    Oversee accounts on a single dashboard Get real-time updates on support tickets Keep the community on the same page
  • Car Re-search & Transport

    Unlock a hassle-free car experience with Digital Society. Seamlessly research and track your car's details, maintenance schedules, and transport options, all within our integrated platform. Simplify your car-related tasks and stay connected with your vehicle effortlessly.

    Vehicle Insights Transport Integration Community Car Insights
  • Online Shopping & Tracking ID

    Elevate your shopping experience with Digital Society. Explore the world of online shopping and effortlessly track your orders with unique tracking IDs. Enjoy the convenience of a digital marketplace, ensuring your purchases are just a click away, all while staying connected with your community.

    Digital Marketplace Order Tracking Made Easy Community Recommendations
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About Us

Empowering Digital Communities with DG Society

we are committed to revolutionizing the way communities live and interact through innovative digital solutions. With a focus on enhancing connectivity, safety, and convenience, our platform offers a comprehensive array of features tailored to meet the diverse needs of our residents. At DG Society, we are on a mission to redefine community living through innovative digital solutions.

Digital Security
Community Connectivity
Efficient Maintenance

Our Mission:

To foster a sense of belonging and community spirit through cutting-edge technology.

To prioritize security and safety while promoting seamless communication and collaboration among members.

Key Features:

Member - Centric Approach:

Our platform is designed with the member in mind, offering personalized experiences and intuitive interfaces.

Members have access to a range of features, from visitor management to community engagement tools, all aimed at enhancing their quality of life.

Our platform serves as a hub for communication and collaboration, facilitating meaningful interactions among residents.

Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to continuously evolving and improving our platform to meet the evolving needs of our community.

By embracing technology and innovation, we aim to create a digital ecosystem that enhances the overall living experience for all our residents.

Family Member Registration and Profile Management:

Owners can easily register their family members within the app, creating a comprehensive family profile. Family members will receive login details via email or SMS for quick and secure access to the Digital Society application. They can manage their profiles individually, ensuring a personalized experience.

Password Update and Profile Maintenance:

Encourage family members to log in and update their passwords regularly for enhanced security. Keep profile information up-to-date, including contact details and preferences, to ensure accurate and relevant communication.

Emergency Alerts for Multiple Members:

In case of emergencies such as fire, adverse weather conditions, explosions, injuries, or rescues, all registered family members will receive instant alarms and notifications. Ensure the safety and well-being of your family members with timely alerts and emergency information.

Society-Related Alarms & Notifications:

Stay informed about society-related events, announcements, and alerts directly through the app. Receive notifications for community meetings, events, and important updates to foster a well-connected and engaged community.

Receive Gate Notifications and Calls:

Seamlessly receive gate notifications and manage incoming calls through the Digital Society app. Enhance security and communication within the community by staying connected through the app.