All DG Society Offerings

These sub-points cover a range of functionalities related to digital society management, promoting efficiency, security, and community engagement. Feel free to adapt and expand upon them based on your specific application requirements.

- Effortlessly manage and monitor visitor entries to your society through the Digital Society app.

- Receive instant notifications for visitor arrivals, ensuring enhanced security and awareness.

- Facilitate seamless communication among society members, committees, and management.

- Utilize features such as announcements, group chats, and event notifications for effective and instant information sharing.

- Streamline daily staff attendance tracking and management through the application.

- Monitor staff entries, exits, and work schedules to ensure optimal community services.

- Enhance child safety with dedicated features such as child check-ins, secure play area monitoring, and real-time notifications to parents.

- Provide parents with peace of mind by incorporating advanced security measures for children within the society.

- Simplify the process of parcel deliveries with a digital system for tracking, receiving, and notifying residents about package arrivals.

- Minimize the hassle of missed deliveries and enhance the overall convenience for residents.

- Manage society financials efficiently with digital tools for account tracking, payment collection, and transparent financial reporting.

- Enable residents to view and pay their society dues securely through the app.

- Allow residents to conveniently book community amenities such as clubhouses, gyms, and event spaces through the app.

- Implement an easy-to-use reservation system for a hassle-free experience.

- Establish a centralized helpdesk within the app for residents to report issues, seek assistance, and track the status of their requests.

- Ensure prompt and effective issue resolution through the dedicated helpdesk feature.

- Provide a unified platform for users managing multiple properties within the same or different societies.

- Enable easy navigation and management of various properties, ensuring a seamless experience for property owners and managers.